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Physical abuse takes something away from you. We are all born with an unwavering sense of security. You can grow up and get into fights in school or even fighting in adulthood. But when someone physically assaults you, it can ultimately feel as though you have no power.

If you manage to survive the abuse and get away from your abuser, that’s good. You may feel safe initially, but over time you will realize the aftereffects.PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is real. You have good days and bad days. Anything can trigger a reaction, a movie, a place, a song.

As you work through your healing process you may try not to think about the abuse and choose to forgive and forget. But forgiving does not make the trauma go away. Hiding or avoiding your story does not make it false.

Share your story as you go through your healing journey. As you talk about or write about or whatever art form you choose. You will in time be able to heal and create your new narrative.




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